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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament at Hilltop School is fundamental to getting the voice of our students heard, not only within school but also within the wider Trust setting. It is a democratic model created to represent all students. Each class (constituency) has an elected MP, who represents their constituency at each Pupil Parliament meeting. It is driven by the students, for the students. They decide what is on the agenda and work on areas of business that are important to them. After a year of service as an MP, the student will move onto working within the House of Lords, who will continue to provide guidance and work closely with newly elected MP's and allow previous MP's to see their changes from beginning to end over a longer period of time.

Students have the support of staff right from the beginning and staff work with our students to use the most effective method of communication possible to ensure that each student has their voice heard. Pupil Parliament is an equitable creation and will provide the platform our students need to make relevant and informed choices that may influence their experience here at Hilltop School. We will continue to update this page with important information and decisions from the Pupil Parliament, so you can see all the hard work that our constituencies are doing to create a democratic, equitable forum for their voices to be heard.