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Post 16

We provide our students, aged 16 – 19 years, with information, guidance and support so that they can take steps into the adult world. This includes offering them practical help, equipping them with a foundation of life skills, enabling them to develop employability skills, friendships and developing a more independent lifestyle.

All Post 16 students follow a programme tailored to their individual needs, education and employment goals.  We also provide support for students outside of the school, offering work placements and support with travel training and independent living skills programmes. The curriculum includes Expressive Arts and Music, PE, Life Skills, English, Maths, PSHE, Work Related Learning (Fitness and Leisure, Enterprise, Careers and Work Experience), College Courses.

To achieve these goals the Post 16 study programme aims to give students:

  • Functional Maths and English skills that help in day-to-day life
  • Meaningful work experience to prepare students for employment, future living and independence
  • Travel training to develop the requisite skills to improve independence and confidence when accessing the wider community
  • Enrichment and Health & Wellbeing programmes to broaden horizons and to provide access to the community to enable learners to develop social and communication skills in real life contexts.
  • Development of self-worth and confidence through the creative arts programmes and performances.


The needs and development of the student drives the curriculum and current accreditation ensuring that it is meaningful and relevant to their own lives.

 We want to work with parents and families to ensure our students mature into young adults, who can access their local community and are equipped with the skills needed to progress onto Post 19 provision.


Accreditation in Sixth Form builds upon the work in Key Stage 4.


Personal Progress Qualification - Students will undertake different units in Personal Progress aimed at developing a range of skills. The qualification is made up of units which can be broadly divided into the following areas: Literacy/Numeracy/IT; Independent Living Skills; Personal Development; Community Participation and Preparation for Work.

Personal & Social Development Qualification - This qualification provides a framework for developing and accrediting personal and social skills for students working at Entry Levels 1 and 2.

Employability Qualification - Students will undertake a range of Work Related and employability tasks, supported by Work Experience out of our school setting.

Preparing for Adulthood programmes /Towards Independence short courses - These are topics specific to that term/year group but focus on developing a wide range of independent skills.

Arts Council England

Arts Award - All students will undertake the Bronze Arts Award accreditation.


Numeracy and Literacy - For students working at entry level 1 and above.