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Parents and Carers Information

Roles and Purpose of Parent Liaison Support Group

This is an inclusive group and in order to make it accessible to families, we encourage all levels of participation and input which are valuable to our school and students. The feedback and input from our students, parents and carers is invaluable and we are hoping within this group we can support our families further and improve the communication between home and school, offering an increased level of support for those who need it.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Creating a warm and welcoming group who are understanding and accepting of the different needs of our parents and their experiences prior to Hilltop school.
  • Providing a base of knowledge and experience which can support parents and carers who request additional impartial/confidential support through a referral at school or on the Facebook page.
  • Taking part in piloting programmes and systems which will have a direct impact on our students, contributing positively to the decision making process.
  • Working with school to make positive contributions to the implementation of new ideas and processes which help support our children and their families.
  • Attend and support parents at school events.
  • Attend quarterly meetings or contribute towards the agenda which will be sent out prior for discussion on areas of focus.
  • Sharing events and information through the Facebook group, feeding back any questions or clarification which is needed to Cate/SLT.
  • Giving new parents the opportunity to access the PLSG booklet giving them information on who can offer support and how they can join the school community on the Facebook page.
  • Receiving feedback on pilot programmes and any areas for development.
  • Share parent questionnaires via Facebook group which impact future events or workshops for parents, feeding back what the consensus is in regards of areas of interest or support. Supporting us in celebrating student success and working together to brainstorm ideas or plans for future events.
  • Admissions request contact of Parent/Carer volunteer sharing information.