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Evidence for Learning

Evidence for Learning (EfL) is an electronic system that supports an Inquiry-based approach to education and provision, that allows ALL stakeholders involved in our students' learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to their individual termly targets drawn from their Education Health & Care Plans as well as our skills, knowledge and understanding frameworks. 

Adults in school make observations of students in their learning and these can be annotated and tagged to key learning statements. Teachers can easily amend and add to these goals over time in order to respond to a students’ ongoing needs and development.

All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the app and readily available on-demand to anyone in school. Stakeholders can search for and sort evidence by any attribute, and we use these features to save time and workload and crucially to be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development. The same tools support real time deep dives into different aspect(s) and area(s) of our school’s curriculum – allowing us to see how individual students are experiencing our curriculum and how teaching is being personalised to support their needs. EfL gives us a platform and the tools to develop and demonstrate connected practice which links curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

EfL has the potential to transform how parents/carersexternal stakeholders and the student themselves are engaged and involved in the entire learning process and journey – a real multi-agency approach. Not only can photos, videos and notes be easily and securely shared by school, but parents/carers can capture and submit their own photos, videos and notes to reflect the student’s development and experiences at home and outside in the community: Invaluable collaboration and powerful at showing where learning and knowledge is beginning to be generalised.

EfL has been invaluable in supporting our capturing progress for those learners accessing Engagement provision. 

Insights for Learning is the companion toolkit that runs alongside Evidence for Learning and provides us with valuable insights based on the rich treasure of information, data, interactions and evidence collected through Evidence for Learning. Insights for Learning allows us to see the important information that helps leaders, teachers and other stakeholders have effective conversations about the learning going on in and out of school and quality of provision.

Evidence for Learning helps us to:

  • Create a rich, vivid and comprehensive picture of what learning, well-being and progress look like for each of our students
  • Demonstrate impact and show clearly what students can do as a result of our curriculum, pedagogy and support
  • Assess against our own custom frameworks in addition to national frameworks
  • Evidence, assess and track progress against individual targets related to EHCPs
  • Automatically link evidence, achievements, outcomes and judgements
  • Capture and track progress in students' engagement
  • Gain deeper insights into students' needs and the effective pedagogy required to support them
  • Save time and be better informed for planning, assessment and conversations about learning
  • Better engage, empower and involve parents, families and carers in their child’s learning and development
  • Capture and track learning outside of school to demonstrate generalisation of learning 
  • Support a Multi-Agency approach with rich, evidence-informed conversations
  • Nurture a culture of inquiry across your school
  • Generate and share data that better reflects the actual learning going on and progress being made by students

All parents have an EfL log in which allows them access. If parents need a password reset or any other help with accessing Evidence for Learning, please contact Joanne at school via