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Core Values

Hilltop School Core Values

Our core values are the make-up of our ethos and culture and what we as adults endeavour to model and instil amongst our children and young people and go hand in hand with our curriculum intent.

  • All staff at Hilltop School believe in the importance of TEAM WORK in supporting our young people and each other
  • Children and young people at Hilltop School are treated with the utmost CARE and EMPATHY
  • We strive to enable our students to be as INDEPENDENT as they possibly can be
  • All staff at Hilltop School are CHILD CENTRED and treat every child and young person as an individual
  • We want every child and young person to feel VALUED and HAPPY during their time at Hilltop School.

Our Values:

  • Should apply equally to pupils, to our staff and to how we treat people outside our organisation
  • Should be reflected in how we recruit, reward and manage staff
  • Should be part of how we are held to account by our Trust Board and our Governing Body


Hilltop School is a vibrant, stimulating and supportive community in which pupils and staff value themselves and others.​

We aim to challenge, motivate and empower individuals with the skills and knowledge for a life beyond school.​

We want the students and staff of Hilltop School to be both aspirational and inspirational.

We endeavour to ensure that every child’s individual needs are met through a range of different curriculum pathways and access to a wide variety of educational and therapeutic activities.

Hilltop School is part of the Nexus Multi Academy Trust and as such we believe in the over-arching trust ethos of striving to ensure that every student becomes “the best that they can be”.