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Children’s University

Hilltop School are a member of Rotherham Children’s University.  This encourages and rewards children and young people for taking part in learning activities of their choice in their own time. Research shows that children and young people who are rewarded for choosing to learn out of school directed hours feel proud and confident about their achievements and do better at school.

The Children’s University celebrates children and young people’s achievements with award certificates and badges. To do this we count the credits that they earn for learning out of directed school time, ie during their breaks, lunchtimes and out of school hours. 


At Hilltop all students have the opportunity to join a range of lunchtime activity clubs and also to complete a range of Children’s University Challenges. For every session or activity students complete they receive a CU credit which will be added to their online CU account. At the end of term, the number of credits gained are calculated and children receive certificates and awards for the credits they have accrued.

Parents / carers will be invited to a special Children’s University award ceremony if your child is receiving a CU award. When students have accrued 100 credits they will be invited to a very special award ceremony which takes place at a local venue.

If you would like to find out more about Children’s University, please take a look via the link

If you have any questions about Children’s University at Hilltop School contact Joanne Grantham